A-Lure-Ring the complete lure and hook keeper

Reverse Stripper Guide

LC Stripping Guide


Knot Puller

Transport your lures and hooks with A-Lure-Ring.  It will prevent damage to your stripper guide and frame.
Use A-Lure-Ring when moving from spot to spot in the boat or on the beach. The rubber boot absorbs the shocks especially when running in a chop or climbing over rocks and jetties.
A-Lure-Ring is designed to work with the new style reverse stripper guides to prevent scratching the rod whippings and finish.
A-Lure-Ring works great with weedless plastics. Just pass the exposed bend of the hook through the open gate in ring.
A-Lure-Ring is also a great knot puller and tightener. Use on lures, hooks and swivels, etc.
Patented design machined from 6061 Aluminum, class 2 Hard Anodized and fitted with a durable soft rubber boot.

A-Lure-Ring $21.95
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